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Kresge Theatre Acoustic Series

Kresge Theatre Acoustic Series

Michael Christopher and his band have recently recorded an acoustic video series!  The series, filmed at the Kresge Theatre on Carnegie Mellon’s campus in Pittsburgh, PA, will feature performances of some of Michael’s favorite songs, past and present, across the country music genre and beyond.

The acoustic series serves as a contrast to Michael’s usual live shows, which are high energy with his signature country rock sound.

“We rock pretty hard at most of our shows,” Michael says.  “So it’s a cool to unplug and change things up a bit.  It was an awesome vibe in there, and we’re really happy with how this turned out.”

The series features performances of songs by some Michael’s influences over the years, from Johnny Cash to Keith Urban.

“There’s quite a variety of music in there,” he says.  “My musical influences range outside country, so there’s a little something for fans of all musical styles.  We’re excited to share these songs with everyone.”

The acoustic video series will be released a video at time over the next several weeks.  Be sure to stay tuned right here for the latest updates on when you can check out these performances.


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“DNA” Official Music Video Production

Exciting news! A brand new music video is coming soon!  Michael Christopher just wrapped up shooting the official music video for his song, “DNA”.

Beautiful scenery, breath-taking views, and vivid imagery set the tone for a video that leaves the story and message up to the viewer’s interpretation.

“This is one of my favorite songs I’ve written,” Michael says. “It can be interpreted a number of different ways, and it’s one of those songs that can mean something different to each person who hears it.  We wanted to incorporate that element in the music video as well.”

Co-written by Christopher and Rand Bishop (Toby Keith – “My List”), “DNA” will be the first single off Michael’s new self-titled album. The twelve song collection was recorded at The Rukkus Room and Ronnie’s Place/Black River Entertainment Studios in Nashville.

Stay tuned right here for the official release date of the music video for “DNA”!

"DNA" Video Shoot Photos

Click the image for more photos from the “DNA” video shoot.

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