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Kresge Acoustic Series: “Shotgun Rider”

Michael Christopher has released a video for his acoustic video of “Shotgun Rider”. The song was written by Marv Green, Hillary Lindsey, and Troy Verges, and was recorded by Tim McGraw.  Released in September 2014, it was the third single from McGraw’s album, ‘Sundown Heaven Town’.

“I loved this song from the first time I heard it,” Michael said. “There are songs you like, and then there are songs you’d like to play.  This is one of those that I knew I wanted to play.”

Michael and his band play the song regularly at their live shows, but have always wanted to perform an unplugged version:

This video for “Shotgun Rider” is part of an acoustic series filmed at the Kresge Theatre on Carnegie Mellon’s campus in Pittsburgh, PA. It features performances of some of Michael’s favorite songs, past and present, across the country music genre and beyond.

You can view the “Shotgun Rider” video below.

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Official Premiere of “DNA” Video on

CMTCMT (Country Music Television) in Nashville, TN officially premiered the music video of “DNA” by Michael Christopher on on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016.  The channel announced the video online via their social media presence and through a newsletter to various press outlets.  Michael is thrilled to have the video debuted by CMT, such a well-known staple in country music.  He describes his song “DNA” as one of the most unique/original songs he’s ever written.

“This is a special song,” Michael shares.  “Through every moment of the song’s conception – from the writing of the song, when we perform it live, and in the making of the video – it has always felt like a special song.”

CMT - Michael Christopher "DNA" PremiereMichael co-wrote “DNA” with Rand Bishop, a seasoned songwriter best known for his work on the No. 1 hit, “My List,” recorded and performed by Toby Keith.

The video, directed by Darin DiNapoli, while having a scenic setting, leaves a lot up to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer.

“This song can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people,” Michael said.  “We didn’t want to limit the scope of this song to one single frame of mind.  It can be interpreted many different ways.  That’s one of the things that makes it so interesting.  We are proud of how the video turned out, and can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

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